My coaching ideas

The question of where our coaching ideas come from is an interesting one. These thoughts and notions that are formed by the mind can be wondrous but often do not occur due to our existing ‘rivers of thinking’. The phrase, coined by the work of de Bono but used at organisations around the world, refers to the fact we can very easily get stuck in our ways. The brain files information in an orderly manner and as soon as new material arrives it classifies this linked to existing knowledge, potentially limiting inspiration and ingenuity.

New ideas come from looking at existing problems through a different lens. It’s about linking thoughts in original ways to help foster creativity; the connection of the novel with alternative views that can have impact and value.

Whilst the content of the rambles I tend to have will be linked to football coaching in the main, the principles will be easily translated into your world of sport. Most of the concepts are very similar and ultimately it is just about people. If you have good people doing things, change happens. Whether this is helping a player become a better player, or helping a person become a better person, that is all that coaching is about. It is easy to get hung up on the sport aspect of everything we do when in fact it just often becomes the driver for change.

Ultimately it is just about people.

This blog aims to prompt thinking about your existing practice, encouraging you to question why you do what you do and probing you to get creative! It will be deliberately provocative at times, incite some alternative views of considering situations and challenge the traditions of what we have always done. That, above all, is where the fun starts too!

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