Something for your parents: youth sport…

Stumbled across this little gem, you might want to share this with your parents, specifically those new teams or at the start of next season. This for me is what grassroots sport is about and the last two verses sum it up well. 

A Parent Talks to a Child Before the First Game

This is your first game, my child. I hope you win.
I hope you win for your sake, not mine.
Because winning’s nice.
It’s a good feeling.
Like the whole world is yours.
But, it passes, this feeling.
And what lasts is what you’ve learned.

And what you learn about is life.
That’s what sports is all about. Life.
The whole thing is played out in an afternoon.
The happiness of life.
The miseries.
The joys.
The heartbreaks. 

There’s no telling what’ll turn up.
There’s no telling whether they’ll toss you out in the first five minutes or whether you’ll stay for the long haul. 

There’s no telling how you’ll do.
You might be a hero or you might be absolutely nothing. 
There’s just no telling.
Too much depends on chance.
On how the ball bounces. 

I’m not talking about the game, my child.
I’m talking about life.
But, it’s life that the game is all about.
Just as I said. 

Because every game is life.
And life is a game.
A serious game.
Dead serious. 

But, that’s what you do with the serious things.
You do your best.
You take what comes. 
You take what comes and you run with it. 
Winning is fun.
But winning is not the point. 

Wanting to win is the point.
Not giving up is the point.
Never being satisfied with what you’ve done is the point. 
Never letting up is the point. 
Never letting anyone down is the point. 

Play to win.
But lose like a champion.
Because it’s not winning that counts.
What counts is trying.


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